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I’m Smack. It’s a nickname. (And also means “a sharp slap or blow, typically given with the palm of the hand,” “a fishing boat,” “heroin,” or “a collection of one or more jellyfish.” The last is my favorite.) I’m a fiction writer and contractor for a San Diego healthcare company (only one of which I get paid to do), a UC Santa Barbara graduate, and this blog is my attempt to entertain a small portion of the world.

For comments, questions, and a myriad of answers to life’s deepest ponderings, drop me an ask or email me at whatsmacksaid@gmail.com.
Magical Realism…

is how the academic world can accept small doses of poetic urban fantasy as real.  It’s how the erudite literati can pick up and read a fantasy novel without addressing or suffering under the stigma of it.

Academia drives me crazy sometimes.  There’s nothing wrong with liking fantasy!  We don’t have to classify it under some highbrow genre title just because the prose is pretty and there are non-anglo cultures represented in the story.  If there are ghosts and spirit guides, you’re probably reading fantasy.

Good grief.


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